FOOD | McDonald Apple Pie Hack

IMG_1951 My nephew, who lives in the province with no access to fastfood (luckily!), instantly fell inlove with McDonald’s apple pies the first time he tried it. And as his custom, he always asks if we can make the pies at home. I’m no cook nor baker, but I’d rather tell my nephew nothing’s impossible than tell him that his only chance of eating apple pies is from a big fastfood corporation. Continue reading

OUTFIT | Lavender


Last July, and probably, this year’s summer, was one of the best time of my life. My nephew was born, and while he evaded much of my apartment with his little things, toys, clothes, and cotton buds, I am super delighted with his smelly neck and his deep gurgling laughter. Also, my tita and her family came home and we got to hang out with our penguin of a cousin, who turned out to be wacky and as crazy as the rest of her cousins. And there was a wedding in July — and I wore lavender (again). Continue reading


This month, I resolved to clean my small apartment and reduce the things I own — not that I own many things, but because I realized I never use some of those things and it was of no use keeping them. One of the first things to go were clothes, so I posted a message in Facebook asking my friends and acquaintances whether they’d want clothes. Many replied and I have packed some clothes for each person, although I have not gotten around to delivering/sending all of the packages yet. Anyway, because I was purging my closet (I managed to reduce it to 10 small baskets of clothes), I was able to finally wear the clothes I love that were gaining dust. Purging, and throwing away useless clutter, did not only help make my small apartment look more spacious, they also cleared my mind, as I finally let go of the emotions attached to the things I gave/threw. Continue reading

August #OOTD