FOOD | Banana-Coconut Flour Pancakes


My husband and I have been frequenting the Farmers’ Market at SRP, and last Saturday, we bought half a kilo of bananas. Because we had a rather heavy dinner last night (thank you family!), I decided to make a healthier breakfast to try to make up for the scrumptious dinner. These banana pancakes are an update to these Flourless, 3-Ingredient Pancakes as today’s pancakes involved more than three ingredients and incorporated a new twist. Continue reading

DIY | Finding Beauty in Flowers


It is not a surprise that once in a while I would indulge in a post solely about flowers. I have always loved flowers, especially because my grandmother grows lots of flowering plants in her home. When I do my weekly groceries shopping at the wet market, I often make sure to buy flowers to brighten up our tiny home. To inspire me, I browse the net, most especially Pinterest, and look through florists’ websites, like BloomNation (a website for florists that offers flower delivery) and magazines. Continue reading

TRAVEL | Independence Day in Dumaguete


Dumaguete means more than Sans Rival and food tripping. Dumaguete, to me, equates to family and wonderful memories with family. Because of the proximity of Dumaguete to our island and because our grandfather was once assigned as a district engineer in Negros Oriental, we frequent the quaint city like it was just next town. Transportation has greatly improved, thank heavens, but the waves are still the same — huge and all-consuming. During the Independence Day weekend, our family was in Dumaguete to witness the renewal of vows between my uncle and aunt and celebrate the opening of their second auto shop branch. Continue reading